Monday, 30 November 2009

Little Myz- Girly card

Here's a card little Myz made the other day... I thought it was perfect but she insisted she should add a sleeping girl to the bottom...and a tractor........hmmmm lol

Son Of Mine Thankyou card

I forgot to put this up before but a short while back son-of-mine made this card for his friend's dad who has been very helpful in the bike department... only he won't give it to him in case his 'friend' makes fun of him for doing such a girly thing as send a card when it isn't someone's birthday or Christmas

...I just think it's so sad :(

...but here it is so you can see it :)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Mummy hasn't been well so we haven't been crafting much. Hopefully we'll craft a lot more soon as I'm getting really excited about Christmas and I have to make loads and loads of cards!

This is me painting my nails- Mummy says it doesn't count as this is a crafting blog... but I say it's relevant!... I'm colouring in my nails! lol

Hope to be back soon with loads more cards!!!!

Little Myz xxxxxxx