Tuesday, 13 April 2010

My big cakes and cookies

I was upset that my brother had a blog post and I didn't have one so I decided to show you the huge cake I had the other week... and the huge cookie that I had last week

They are as big as my face!!!!

...and here is me getting excited waiting for microwave popcorn! lol

My volcano!


I made a volcano the other day. We have to make one for school and decide whether or not to make it boring or with lava. I'm going lava!!!!! Not tried that yet but here is me making my volcano. It's turned out awesome!!!!!!!!!

Mum's got loads of acrylic paints she couldn't sell so hopefully that will work for colouring it and I have some red food colouring, some vinegar and some bicarbonate of soda ready for the action! Yeah!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My Egg Lady

Here is my egg lady. I made it with a real egg. She won't live for long as the egg has been left in there and Mummy says if I leave it in there forever the house will start smelling of boys' socks.... not a good thing!

I would like to enter it into the same challenge I entered yesterday- the Simon Says Stamp Easter/Springtime Childrens Challenge

Go and have a look at it if you are a kid... and enter yourself!


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I made some things!

I made these cards for my teachers when I go back after Easter from the rest of mummy's Easter stash- I had lots of fun :)

My mummy noticed that there is a challenge on Simon says Stamp challenge blog just for little girls and boys so asked me which one I wanted to enter... I said the one with the basket of eggs that is below... as it was 'Double best' lol...

Mummy hasn't been well again but that hasn't stopped me... I had my first attempt at cross stitch sitting on her bed! lol...

Easy does it...


Look! Look! I did a cross! lol

After that, I sort of got in a mess and gave up... lol bless my cottons.....


Saturday, 3 April 2010

We have a sighting!!!!

...a sighting of the Lesser Spotted (i.e. freckled lol) Son-Of-Mine!

He made a card last week!

He did! ....

Here's the proof lol


He made a card!

Hopefully he'll be making many more in the future :)