Monday, 21 September 2009

Little Myz' Topper crafting

Hello :)

I have been keeping Mummy company colouring some images that lovely Craftygranny sent me- Mummy says that I can be very careful with my colouring when I want to be.

When Mummy feels a bit better we are going to make some cards!

Thank you for watching my blog- Mummy reads out all my comments and I have a really big grin on my face when I know people are watching- like this :

Little Myz xxx

Monday, 7 September 2009

Cards for Daddy

Son-of-mine and Little Myz made these cards for hubby-of-mine last week as it was his birthday- not been well so they have taken a while to appear here, even though I have had daily proddings from Little Myz to 'do my blog, Mummy!' ... she's at school half days this week, full days the next, and son-of-mine went off to his new secondary this morning


I particularly like the message in her card which she dictated.... very loving hehe

..anyway perhaps she'll leave Mummy alone now her card has been posted hehe