Thursday, 20 August 2009

Little Myz' Recent efforts

While I have been out of action, little Myz has been putting Mummy to shame... look at that most excellent colouring!

She also made a very good job I think of a Bang on the Door figure and made a most excellent card from Lily of the Valley die cuts.. she could give Mummy a few pointers I think.... lol doesn't she look excited the figure turned out well? lol


  1. That card is simply fabulous! She really has an eye for colour.. look how they all match so beautifully.. oh to have that imagination and braveness these days! x

  2. Definitely got an eye for colour that lil Myz of yours :) Gorgeous work again - keep it coming. And tell Mummy she is so good if she would only believe in herself ;)

  3. wow thats fab we have some awfully good crafting kids on mse don't we.

  4. I think that card is summery and you should put it in the crafty place competition. The fairy is very pretty.


thank you very much I love people looking at my crafts