Saturday, 27 November 2010

My Weekend with Chris!

I was extra-special-good 2 weeks ago so my teacher said I could take Chris Croc home for the weekend and take care of him if I filled in his journal to show them all what we had been up to when I went back to school with him on Monday

I made a little album so that Chris would always remember his time with us...

This is me very happy to be bringing Chris home

This is my certificate

and my stickers

and me still happy :)

I hope you can see some of the photos in the album and what I wrote by each photo...

In the last photo we were all silent in the car for 2 minutes to remember the soldiers from the past and from the present. It was quite moving and I was very good staying quiet the whole time. It made me a bit sad but I am glad we did it



  1. oooh chris looks like he had a good time. Was he good at crafting? Kaitlyn brought a monkey called marvin home from her school. You certainly kept him very busy. well done .

  2. Hi Samantha! My name is Emily! Thank you for your note on my blog, I am very happy to visit your blog, too! It looks like you had a fun weekend with Chris!
    Emily Emily's Rainbow World


thank you very much I love people looking at my crafts