Monday, 14 June 2010

My New makes

This is the boat picture that Tricia sent to Mummy and I decided it was ripe for a lovely paint at the weekend.

I went for a Wallace and Gromit winter look on this one lol

This one is decoupage

I decided this one wasn't good enough without more card on it

This is decoupage birds too

I've been very busy haven't I?



  1. Oh wow you've been really busy. I love the boat you did a fab job it's all ready to go for a sail now.
    I love your cards wallace and grommit are super i love them. You're a very talented young lady. you make more than me. i'm jealous now.

  2. Really, really busy! The boat is amazing - I love the colours you've used on there. Brilliant job!


thank you very much I love people looking at my crafts