Saturday, 26 June 2010

My Weekend makes


I made a lovely card for my best friend Chloe's birthday party today but I sealed it in an envelope before Mummy got a photo.. she'll have to be faster next time! lol.....

I drew this picture of my mummy and daddy...

This weekend we got a lovely delivery from the postman for me to test a lovely fairy shimmer powder... it's like a fairy wand and it makes my skin go all glittery like a princess! I love it!


Little Myz



  1. ooooh shimmery fairy sparkle dust. wow aren't you lucky and just right for a beautiful princess.

  2. Your picture is fantastic little Myz and that's just how I picture your Mum with a big mahoosive grin like that!

    Lucky you on the sparkly wand, I bet you've had great fun making everyone around you all sparkly :D

  3. I love your drawing and your shirt is fun too. Hope you had fun at the party. I have some great stamps your might want to enter
    Keep up the good work :)


thank you very much I love people looking at my crafts