Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My latest makes


I really love to make things so it's been horrible with Mummy not being well enough
to supervise me! I am getting back into my crafting now though..would you like to see what I've

I made a family of plasticine people...

A fun-filled card for one of my teachers at school

A pretend parcel for Mummy

..and...this is my most favourite thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decorated this princess jewellery box that Tricia gave me for my birthday!

What have you been making?


Little Myz xxx


  1. Oh wow you've done LOADS! I love your decorated box and your card but most of all I really, REALLY love your plasticene family!

  2. ooooh you've been really busy again. I love them all i bet your teacher was impressed with the card . You did a brilliant job with the box . I agree with carmen that plastercine family is absolutely gorgeous. You're a very clever young lady.

  3. You are very talented and so very busy. I can't wait to keep looking at each and every creation!


thank you very much I love people looking at my crafts