Thursday, 19 August 2010

Look what I did at Butlins!

hello! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I've been to butlins i loveloveloveloved it

I made a pirate hat and a butterfly at the kids club, Daddy took me while Mummy had a rest after breakfast every day. I love crafting!

I wrote some postcards to my friend Dev Dev and my other friend Chloe

I drew a picture of Billy Bear and me and I gave it to Billy Bear to keep!

I had lots and lots and lots of fun- what have you been doing in the holidays?



  1. Ooooh sounds like you had a good time. See you've been a very busy girl even on your holidays . Love the pirate hat.

  2. Looks like so much fun :D I love your Billy Bear drawing. I forgot to tell your Mummy that the postcards arrived. Devvie loved hers it was such a lovely surprise, sorry about that I'be been a bit of a scary monster with my sore neck and haven't been remembering to do stuff. Devvie's got her card pinned up in her bedroom :) And I know she is sending a little something in my parcel to Mummy ;) Keep posting your lovely makes - I love seeing tham.


thank you very much I love people looking at my crafts